Publishing Your Works

Instead of struggling to learn how to self-publish your works, you can allow our team of seasoned experts to manage those tedious processes for you.  We are your one-stop-shop for your editorial, publishing, marketing and distribution needs. You will work with one of our publishing consultants who will help you customize the best publishing solutions for you.

publishingBy partnering with WP Publishing, you have the best of both worlds. The freedoms and flexibility of a self-publisher by maintaining copyrights to your works, along with the marketing and distribution power of a publishing firm.

Our business model is designed to put more money in your pockets than you would experience with signing with a major publishing agency. Most larger publishers are reluctant to sign unknown authors, leaving many unpublished. Here at WP |Publishing, we are seeking writers just like you! Talented, subject-matter-experts who are looking to have their manuscript published.

Once you have partnered with our organization, you will be assigned a publishing consultant who will walk you through all phases of the publishing process from layout and design, marketing and promotions, etc. These services would cost you thousands of dollars to self-publish, exhausting both your time and money.

We control our distribution outlet, which means you can earn more per copy sold than with other book outlets who traditionally take 40 percent or more from each book sell. So, join the movement today! And let our team help maximize the exposure and earning-power you deserve!