Tips for writing your book

  • The first step to writing a book is to determine the subject matter that will be covered in the book. Book structure is highly important to the major ideas that will be presented. Begin by brainstorming and capturing those ideas to form the basis of an outline.
  • Next start writing to get all your ideas out of your head. Order or staging the information is not as critical during this phase of writing.Once you have written your initial draft, you will need to begin the revision process. This is a heavily involved process that may require you to reread, rewrite, remove, rearrange or add content. In many instances, the process will include all the above.
  • After you have revised your book content, you will enter the editing phase. Along with proof-reading your work, you may consider having peer-reviewers edit your manuscript to ensure content clarity, grammar, spelling, and factual inconsistencies. Once you have received, updated and organized all feedback, you are now ready to present your manuscript to an editor.This is where WP Publishing steps in and work collaboratively with you to ensure you have a polished finished product. If you are ready, so are we. Simply select contact and one of our associates will phone or email you regarding your publishing service needs.